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The first homecomputer that I ever seen (and that attracted me to the computer-world) was a Sinclair  ZX81 but in the far 1984 my father bought me a new Commodore VIC-20; from here born my informatic-passion and 2 years later a Commodore 64 followed.
Everytime I power on the Vic20, I get many emotions to see again this fantastic startup screen with characters big like a post-stamp, arranged on 22 rows of 23 columns....

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Technical data:

Year of release 1981
CPU MOS 6502a
Frequency work 1 MHz
ROM 16Kb (8K Basic + 8K Kernal)
RAM 5Kb expandable up to 32Kb
Operating system BASIC 2.0
Text mode 23x22
Graphic mode 176x158 - 8 colori
Sound 3 channels + rumour


First price Under $300

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This is an advertise appeared on United Stated; yes, he is James T. Kirk, the captain in Star Trek series!
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The VIC1001 has announced...

The VIC1001 (after VIC20) is coming...

Download VIC20 FAQ  (42Kb .ZIP)

VIC20 memory map - VIC20 links

VIC20 ROM addresses map

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