VIC 1001

And here the new Commodore computer to lower part cost: integrated keyboard, the central unit with 5 Kbyte (expandable to 32 K), the BASIC 2.0, the interface for tape recorder, the IEEE 488 interface and the video modulator for connect directly to home television. All, naturally, in colors. It should be available in the spring/summer 1981 to very interesting price: less than half million. Well observable on the keyboard the characters of the Japanese alphabet: the first country in which it has been distributed is Japan. Other novelty announced from the Harden, distributing Commodore for Italy, a graphic card developed in Italy that connected to any model of the PET series 2000, 3000,4000 consents to operate in graphic mode at 320 x 200 points . The card is complete with the ROM and new graphic executable commands implemented work directly or under control of the program. The commands consent to pass from graphic presentation to texts and vice versa, to design on dark background or in negative, to draw complete lines, points, dot lines, to write alphabetical characters on the graphic screen, to copy the graphic memory on and from disk. The price and availability is still not known. The first prototypes are already in operation and we hope that the card enters soon in production: the interest for the computer graphics salt of day in day.

Article extract from:
Micro & Personal Computer issue 8 - Nov.-Dec. 1980

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