The Commodore VIC 1001 is coming!

In September 1980 Japanese Commodore had presented the VIC 20 in Tokyo and in October of the last year, always in Japan, it has been initiate the commercialization of the VIC 1001. The Japanese release of the VIC 20 can simultaneously use the Katakana characters and our standard characters. As like the graphic characters, the complete system will had experimentally commercialized on the Japanese market before its insertion on the west markets. In the United States from America the Commodore will present and will commercialize, through the first quarter of this year, through his commercial net, this new product, and then immediately after, the VIC 20 (in the VIC 1001 version) will be distributed also in Italy, through the Harden S.p.A. The new VIC 20 (Video Interface Computer) could be connected with any home television or monitor. It has 5kbytes of RAM memory. The characteristics speak: color (16 colors all in high resolution), sound, functions of programmable keys, expansion of RAM memory up to 32kbytes, PET-BASIC language, big standard keyboard , videodisplay composed from 23 lines with 22 characters each, high graphic resolution, graphic set standard, Joystick / paddles / light-pen, programs & memory cartridges to insert on the special PLUG-IN.

To the VIC 20 will be connected: a tape peripheral; a mini-floppy unity; a printer; a wide range of additional peripheral that they will complete specific functions. Between Commodore novelties there is a new model of disk-driver unity that can be interfaced with the VIC by VIC20's bus. Also will come a new type of printer. The programs for special applications and games will be available not only on cassette or disk, but also under form of cartridge. It be the Commodore that the external programmers or specialized firms, on errand of the same Commodore, will produce many specific programs for the VIC 20.

For achieve this target the Commodore is already developing and encouraging the development of programs that they come directly written on ROM. The VIC 20 exploits the type of interfacing known like RS 232 C. This fact permit that is possible to use this personal in couple with telephonic Modem allowing a connection with other computers. Special cartridges / interfaces will allow VIC 20's owners the use an ample variety of peripheral that they are already on the market. The VIC 20 uses, like CPU, the classical 6502 standard that originally has been developed from the MOS-Technology, belonging to the Commodore. Another new component has been produced, always from the MOS-Tecnology, specially for this personal. The new integrated circuit is called VIC which acronym of Video Interface Chip, it included a RAM, a ROM and a video controller, all in the same chip. The Comodore is already preparing an excellent documentation for beginner user and for experienced user. This documentation will have furnished under form of books and handbooks of easy reading and learning, some of which they will have produced from print-houses specializes with the help of the same Commodore. Between these documentations are included original innovation materials that will help new and old users in their applications on the VIC 20, in the own desires and affair... from the first footsteps in the planning up to the screen animation. The forecasts tell that the VIC 20 will come used from many persons which will learn from only like program and like prepare to the custom that always more it frequently comes made of the computer; an use not only turned toward the commerce or toward the sciences, but also toward the multivarious applications in the school and in the house. The price, like already there has announced, should fluctuate among the 500 and 600 thousand lire, naturally without the optionals, and in basic configuration.

Article exctract from:
Micro & Personal Computer issue 12 may-jun 1981.

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