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The GEOS, (Graphical Environment Operating System), was produced by GeoWorks (more later Berkeley Softworks) in the far 1986 like integrated graphic interface (GUI) for Commodore 8-bit computers (Commodore 64 - 128) and others. Some of its characteristics are use of the computer by pointing of various functions and click by mouse, "drag and drop" function to copy, print, and file erasing; a modern version for PC exsist (Newdeal inc.).

geo3.gif (4846 byte)The ambient is integrated, so applications can easily share data between us by "cut" and "paste".  Thanks to  WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get and the possibility to work with selected text and photos, on 8-bits Commodore computers the use of a professional graphic desktop is a reality.
A versatile system based on drivers let the complete support of new deviceses: printers, pointing deviceses, disk drives, etc.

The last GEOS version (2.0) was released in 1988 with REU (ram expansion unit for Commodore 64) support. This feature permits disk caching, multiple access to various drive models, more space for applications, and task-switching.

geo2.gif (7801 byte)Till now, GEOS support was provided by third-party distributors (Creative Micro Designs - Click Here Software); now it is out of business for Geos & CBM parts support, but Maurice Randall taken the responsability to continue a Geos development) and by hobbiest programmers (Maurice Randall itself, Irv Cobb, MegaCom, and others). Some fantastic applications have been written, and continue to be developed for GEOS, including FAX software, browsers, desktop publishing applications, and much more. This page is dedicated to this amazing little operating system, and all the fantastic possibilities it provides for Commodore 8-bit computer users.



GEOS F.A.Q. v1.1  - frequently asked question

Desktop accessories (screenshots)

Some screenshots about geoWrite (Word processor) and geoPaint (picturemaker) programs

Added applications: geoCalc (spreadsheet), geoFile (database), geoPublisher (desktop publishing), geoChart (graphics)

Some games for GEOS


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