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c64logo.gif (5225 byte)Here it is, the most sold computer in the world of all times (more than all Mac sold from the beginning to today...), it has inserted to wide scale the computer's use to the masses, the first home computer c64old.jpg (13163 byte) with music synthetizer on board (the famous SID - Sound Interface Device).
Its games was very beautiful: of course the programmer's ability was bigger than today's programmers (for the capacity to use well all available resources until the last byte), that have many megabytes of Ram and don't succed to produce funny games like C64 games.
Every time I power on it, its famous startup screen make me feel a strong emotion (thanks to C64 I learned my programmation capacity in basic and assembler, and I have experimented many electronic circuits by its famous expandibility with the user-port).  Today the fame of this computer is ever more strong, expecially in Germany & north countries in general, where in the local scene-party many programmers produce by it demos, obtain graphic & music features unimaginable on '80 years (see demo-scene section).


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Year of release 1982
CPU MOS 6510
Working frequency 0,985/1,02 MHz (PAL/NTSC)
ROM 20Kb (8K Basic + 8K Kernal + 4K characters set)
RAM 64 Kb
Operating system BASIC 2.0
Text mode 40x25 - 16 colors
Graphic mode Chip VIC-II:
320x200 - 2 colors
160x200 - 16 colori
Audio Chip SID: 3 channels + rumour generator
Weight / Dimension 1,8 Kg / 41x20,7x7,5 cm
Other characteristics

8 sprites of 24x21 pixel
2 chip CIA for input/output

Price of first release $399

scpuico.jpg (4013 byte)To the right side you can see a SuperCPU, the  cartridge who let to the C64 to work at 20MHz with a memory from 192Kb up to 16Mb and let to connect also an IDE hard-disk, all that thanks to CMD.
By this cartridge is possible to execute CLIPS, the multitasking graphic operating system for C64 similar to Windows; click here per vedere alcune schermate.

geologo.jpg (2180 byte) If you haven't got the SuperCPU, an alternative to CLiPS exists: the GEOS, with a graphic interface more inspired to Apple than a Windows, and it works fine with a C64 base with a floppy-drive, all in 64Kb memory (!!).

whlslogo.gif (3996 byte) WHEELS is an upgrade for GEOS that furnish many features.

Do you want connect an Hard-disk and CD-ROM IDE to your C64?
Click here to know how to...


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The C64 Banner Exchange

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