GEOS - standard applications

As you see by icons showed above, GEOS is provided by a fantastic set of applications to obtain the best from this operative system. These programs, expecially geoWrite, deserve a special mention:

geoWrite 2.1 is a word processor with various integrated functions to make documents enough professionals. A full support to GEOS fonts and styles is provided, possibility to cut-copy and paste for text and imageses, borders set and tabulations by mouse, four kind of text justify, searching of words and/or phraseses, headings1, page-foot, and sheet numeration.

With the Photo Manager, any imagine can be easily inserted in a document by the paste function -- included in geoWrite.

Another application, geoWrite companion, is geoPaint. It is able to valorize the artistic capability of the user, geoPaint is the ideal palette to paint with GEOS.

geoPaint provide you a virtual sheet, a part of it is always available to use. The toolbox on the left include cut & paste functions, filling and freehand painting with the possibility to use various pattern (also defined by user), draw and erasing, box draw and circles full or empty, text writing with full access to styles and fonts of GEOS, and, at the end, the colour palette, of course.

With geoPaint, your immagination is limited only by your capacity!

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