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From 1977 several Commodore PET models appeared. The success in the United States was big and, after its arrive in Europe, the Commodore taken the 80% of personal computer market.

The first commercialized model, PET-2001-4K, was a little bit different of the prototype showed, for example the design was minor rounded. The CPU, a MOS 6502, had got a clock frequency of 1 Mhz, with 4 K available RAM and 14K ROM, with 7,5 K of it for resident BASIC. The text resolution was 40 characters in 32 rows, without graphic resolution. During years 12 different models of PET-2001appeared: the significant changed was a more comfortable keyboard  and the tape recorder (that became external in use togheter with a double floppy drive): the last model of 2001 was the PET-2001 32 N.

The 32 N it was the ring of conjugation with the following series 3000 and 4000 (under), still characterized from the trapezoidal style of the monitor and the squared keyboard. In this phase the Commodore was constrained to change the PET brand in CBM, because of a legal collision with the Philips that owned the brand laws. A PET 3001 model exist that after a new name taken: CBM 3008. The 4000 series was caracterized by major performances, with the peak in the 4064 model, appeared on the market from 1980, with a 6502B cpu and 64K RAM.

After the Commodore, at the peak of its success, produced continually several new models, introducing   the CBM 500, 600 and 700 series (similar on forms to the following "home" Commodores, but destined to the professional market) and finally the 8000 series. This last one had got a new restyled design, with more rounded forms, more professional aspect and separated keyboardfrom the case (to the side the CBM model 8032). The 8000 series was alive until 1984, the production year of the 8296 D model, with the same MOS 6502 cpu, but with 128K RAM, a very big amount of memory respects to the 4K RAM of first model. Also the graphic was updated: 80 columns, and in the cabinet there was two slot for 5"1/4 drives.

After 7 gloryous years the PET-CBM epoch terminated. In 1985 the Commodore started a new adventure:  the Amiga, another big commercial success. In those times never one could imagine the premature end of this big brand (Commodore). You can see a big variety of PET models photos clicking here.

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The prototype (1977)



Model PET 2001 N series




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