C64 chip PLA replacing with an eprom


PLA epromFinally It is possible to replacing the famous Commodore 64 chip MOS 9006114-01 best know as PLA (Programmable Logic Array), with a common eprom 27C512 programmable with any eprom programmer. It seems to work really fine, like the original chip.
The only problem is the  necessity to made an adapter to insert the eprom into the original socket of the PLA, because pinouts are different. Click here to download adapter's schematic; you can open the file with EAGLE Layout Editor program by Cadsoft.
To realize directly the adapter board, please click here to obtain the schematic circuit.

About dat to program the eprom, download this file:


Now you can program normally the eprom with a common eprom programmer and that's all folks!


Thanks very much to Frilander for materials furnished and publishing permission.

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