In this page there are some photo about various material (computers, accessories, deviceses and other) made by Commodore or for Commodore products that I don't recognize or that I don't own the necessary tech-info; if you recognise something, please contact me by e-mail: info@TOGLIMIcbmitapages.it, thank you!

Commodore PET

This motherboard that the vendore had guaranteed working, should be a PET but I don't know the model; is there someone who know the pinout-connectors and the function so I can test it?prfile2.jpg (18762 byte)
prfile8.jpg (16654 byte)

Some particulars about the motherboard:

prfile10.jpg (9279 byte)

prfile12.jpg (13259 byte)
prfile3.jpg (6879 byte)prfile6.jpg (7767 byte)
prfile7.jpg (6208 byte)

cbmsx.gif (1543 byte)