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Video Game Series:

* CBM 2000K     Commodore TV Game 2000K,                                    JR 

                Basically same as CBM 3000H, but with 4 'bats', two internal 

                and 2 mini-jacks in back.  PAL output.  Black plastic case. 

* CBM 3000H     Commodore TV Game 3000H,                                    LJ 

                Pong-type game. Labels in English and German, Games include 

                "target", "tennis", "football", "squash". Amateur or Pro 

                settings, 1-4 player.  Basic pot bats, bat #1 is built into 

                unit. Runs on 9VDC or batteries.  Outputs to UHF36. 2 ports 

                at rear. One 5 pin DIN for light rifle (lightpen), other 

                for two more bats. PAL output.

* CBM Chessmate Hand-held unit. 6504 CPU, 6530 RIOT, membrane keyboard.     BZ


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