The Commodore 65, projected to replace the Commodore 64 and 128, should came on market in 1991 but never manufactured (only fifty prototypeses was made). Seems that a society (Grapevine) in 1993 succeded to have some units from Commodore liquidation and produced a final version to sell in Europe (and Germany), but there are no secure informations about a real commercialization.
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Year of release never commercialized
CPU MOS4510 (CSG65CE02)
Working frequency 3,54 MHz
ROM 128Kb included in C64 mode
RAM 128Kb expandable up to  8Mb
Operating system BASIC 10.0, CBM DOS,  BASIC 2.2 (C64 mode)
Text mode 80x25 - 16 colors
Graphic mode Chip VIC-III (CSG4567)
320x200 - 256 colors
640x200 - 256 colors
1280x200intl. - 16 colors
1280x400 - 4 colors
4096 colors palette
Audio 2 Chip SID (3+3 channels) stereo
Other characteristics

3,5" 800Kb incorporated floppy drive (1581 standard drive); Commodore 64 mode available

First release price

250 DM - $129.50 (Grapevine)

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